Mastercard and Ant back effort to get a billion people to take green action


Mastercard and Ant back effort to get a billion people to take green action

Mastercard, Ant Group and BBVA are among the big-name financial and technology firms backing a new global partnership designed to encourage green consumer behaviour.

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You Will Eat Ze Bugs! NOW!

It is starting, they are rolling out the “you have to eat bugs agenda” now.

Today I read in the Swiss news that it has just been approved in the European Union and as a result also in Switzerland to add powder made from crickets to whole grain breads cookies, soups and many other foods.

This comes after mealworms and locust as a whole were already approved for human consumption. The fun part of the powder is that it can be just silently be mixed into the foods and if its percentage is less than 5% it does not need to be declared.

So it can very well be that very soon we are all already snacking on some tasty cricket powder without even knowing it. It sounds also interesting why they list whole grain bread as one of the first foods where they want to do that. Wasn´t all that whole grain stuff supposed to be healthy? Why would pulverized crickets make it any better?

Luckily for me I don’t eat bread but this goes again perfectly in line with desensitizing the public so nobody really notices a difference and over time it goes up from 5% to 20% and so on and one day you wake up and it is all just pure tasty crickets for you. While the elite at Davos snacks on fatty Wagyu meat, extra flown in fresh from Japan, while telling us we are using up to much CO2. Awesome.

This reminds me very much on Jean Claude Juncker, the former President of the European Commission. Who answered, when asked on how they implement tricky laws, the following.

When we decide something, then we put it out there and wait for a while to see what happens. If there is no big shouting and no riots in the streets, because most of them, in brackets the people, don’t understand what was decided, then we move on, step by step, until there is no turning back.

And that was like 10 years ago. Things seem to have progressed with this philosophy. I am really wondering how these people can even look into the mirror every day and living all this hypocrisy. Aren´t these politicians there to implement laws to help the people and to make things better?. But maybe I am too idealistic here.

Anyway that’s it for today. Please let me know what you are thinking about this. Are you looking forward to your crickets and soilent green?

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