Head of FIs GTS, Bank of America `s predictions and advice during crisis

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Head of FIs GTS, Bank of America's predictions and advice during crisis

Paul Taylor, Head of Financial Institutions GTS, Bank of America, tells Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV, how their network is working together to support each other and their clients during the current crisis. Financial Institutions seeking stability in their technology, risk management, business continuity and, credit and liquidity functions are advised to increase communication and go digital in thei…

Latina GRIT on Wall Street with Bank of America’s Patricia Pacheco De Baez

Bank of America’s Patricia Pacheco De Baez has grit. She learned it from her fierce Latina mother, who taught her to work hard and strive for excellence – something Patricia has carried with her throughout her career journey. Patricia started as a temp in the financial industry, always grateful for every opportunity she was given – whether big or small. All she needed was a “foot in the door.” Once there, she began to stand out and advocate for herself early in her career. At the age of 25, she did her research, gathered up the courage to ask for pay equity, and got it. It’s easy to see how she’s moved up the career ladder. Patricia currently holds the title of Managing Director for NYC Private Bank, Market Leader & Diverse Segment Champion at Bank of America.

Listen as Patricia walks us through her professional journey and how she learned not to give up on her dream. She’s a big proponent of mentors and sponsors and practices being open and honest with them, so they get the most out of their time together. Patricia is a risk taker and isn’t afraid to make big moves, and she shares with us why she thinks working hard and striving for excellence are the keys to success.

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[02:46] Patricia’s background and key lessons she’s learned[10:37] Patricia’s diverse career path[15:41] What Patricia looks for in a position[22:04] How to be direct about your ask[25:17] Advocating for yourself[32:33] Being honest with your mentors[40:12] Finding confidence to make bold moves[43:26] Patricia’s move into management[52:28] The importance of working hard[55:00] Striving for excellence[58:54] Lightning round questions


“Education is the instrument for us to break the cycle of poverty and accomplish our dreams.” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

“Every time I’m very comfortable in a role, I ask myself, ‘What else can I do?’” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

“If you don’t advocate for yourself, who will?” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

“Every one of us has something to bring to the table that differentiates us and makes us unique.” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

Lightning Round Questions:

What book has greatly influenced you?

“Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise”. What is your favorite inspiring quote or saying?

“In the moment of turbulence and darkness, just remember… it’s not just about You.” What is one word or moniker you would use to describe yourself?

Grit What is one change you’ve implanted that made your life better?

Meditation What power song would you want playing as you walk out onto a stage?

“This Girl is on Fire” by Alicia Keys

About Patricia Pacheco De Baez:

Patricia Pacheco is a Market Leader & Diverse Segment Lead in NYC Private Bank.

In this role she drives business development strategies focusing on the wealth

management needs of high net worth families in the areas of investment management, estate planning, banking and credit.

Prior to this role, she was responsible for Latin America and European large corporate subsidiaries in Global Corporate Investment Bank. In this role, she drove

more than 316% growth in revenues since 2014 when she joined the firm. Some of her clients included Bimbo, Cemex, Diageo, EssilorLuxottica, Gerdau and Unilever. Pacheco was also a member of Bank of America’s Global Corporate Banking Subsidiaries Management Committee.

Prior to joining Bank of America, Pacheco worked at J.P. Morgan Treasury Services

for seven years where she was responsible for coverage of financial institutions

(FIs), public sector and non-bank FIs operating in Mexico City. Previously she led the strategy and execution of cash management product sales for Latin America and served as the relationship manager for Latin America FIs subsidiaries and branches in the United States. Before working at J.P. Morgan, Pacheco spent six years at American Express Bank as a relationship manager covering FIs in the United States and Canada.

Pacheco has been actively involved in leading many Hispanic and employee network initiatives throughout the course of her career. She currently serves as co- chair of Bank of America’s Hispanic Latino Executive Council and emeritus chair of the firm’s Hispanic Network Executive Advisory Board (HOLA NY). Pacheco also serves as a member of the YMCA USA National Board & ALPFA NY Senior

Leadership Council.

Pacheco has received numerous awards for her business experience and volunteerism including Bank of America’s “Outstanding Employee Network Leader

Award” (2015), as well as Bank of America’s “Global Diversity &…

GRT 2022 – Panel: Principles for Responsible Banking in action


– Amanda Lee, Executive Manager, ESG, Suncorp
– Yvonne Holmes, Chief Sustainability Officer, AIB
– Tanya Dos Santos-Ford, Global Head of Sustainability, Investec
– Moderator: Johanna Dichtl, Sustainability Expert & PRB Implementation Support Manager, UNEP FI

‘A Storm Is Brewing: Steve Forbes Warns That A ‘Big Financial Crisis’ Is Coming | What’s Ahead

Steve Forbes warns of the factors that are coming together to potentially cause a massive financial crisis.

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Banks to Seize Your Money in Coming Financial Crisis Warns David Morgan

The world is going to have another banking crisis but the next time around, the banks are going to take depositors’ money via a “bail-in.” This is the latest theory from respected market watcher, David Morgan of The Morgan Report.

Morgan tells our Daniela Cambone, “The bailout situation is over. It will be bail-ins next time, which means you become an unsecured creditor of the bank. This means that if you don’t hold it, you may not own it. If we were to have a bail-in, they may not take all of your currency, but they would probably take part of it.”

Morgan compares the situation to Argentina; “All the money in their banks was still yours, but you were limited to what you could take out.”

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