F10 and New Energy Nexus unite to nurture green fintech


F10 and New Energy Nexus unite to nurture green fintech

F10, fintech incubator and accelerator, will collaborate with New Energy Nexus to form the first global green and climate fintech program, bringing decarbonisation of financial services to the cutting edge of innovation.

D3 Mission Log 2 – Welcome to our Journey to build the world’s largest climate tech accelerator.

Episode 2 of the weekly YouTube video series with Bryan Guido Hassin of Third Derivative and Danny Kennedy of New Energy Nexus. They discuss the journey these two companies have chosen to take, to boldly go where no climatetech accelerator has gone before.

This weeks topics:
Lessons learned from the D3 Inaugural Summit
Recent million dollar wire transfers to new startups
Challenges balancing a high-performing / highly motivated team working incredibly hard vs risking burnout.

Startup of the Week: SunPath

Third Derivative Portfolio – https://third-derivative.org/portfolio/
New Energy Nexus Network Slack Community: https://join.slack.com/t/newenergynexusnetwork/shared_invite/zt-7cjoxxyf-QYn4y_ixtfMek3s~8WxQhA
Sunpath: http://sunpathtech.com/

You can also listen to the D3 Mission Log Podcast: https://www.newenergynexus.com/podcast/

Top 4 Challenges for Fintech 2022 | Finance Challenges of the Future!

Top 4 Challenges for Fintech 2022 | Finance Challenges of the Future!

As the world evolves and becomes more digital, so does the increase in innovation in all sectors but especially in the finance sector as this is literally where all the money is! And with many opportunities currently and only more to come it’s hard to see why Fintech will not boom! But today we will be looking at the biggest challenges for Fintech going into 2022, as the financial industry is experiencing the same difficulties that have been in the spotlight in recent years & that could completely prohibit growth!

What challenges do you think Fintech will face in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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NexGen Energy (NXE.T) – Three Minute Hits Video

Equity.Guru’s own uranium guru, Fabi Lara, talks about Nexgen Energy (NXE.T), a Canadian uranium explorer advancing its flagship Rook 1 uranium project located in the storied Athabasca Basin.


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F10 Global | What is Climate FinTech?

Learn more about Climate FinTech, why it’s important and the impact it can create in achieving the objective to decarbonize the global economy.
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Climate FinTech, also called Green FinTech or Sustainable FinTech, is the convergence of three sectors: Climate, Finance and Technology. Climate FinTech solutions are digital innovations, applications, and platforms that help institutions and individuals save, spend, and invest in a way that puts the planet first.

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