6 ways Covid-19 is transforming Digital Finance


6 ways Covid-19 is transforming Digital Finance

Teunis Brosens, Lead Economist for Digital Finance and Regulation, ING, & Carlo Cocuzzo, Economist, Digital Finance, ING, speak to Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV about how Covid19 is accelerating Digital Finance. We see shifts in the relationship between the public and private sector in finance, changes to global interconnectedness, the need for increased cybersecurity cooperation, an acceleration of…

Six Pillars of Cyber-security: Embracing Digital Transformation – Episode 36 | Intel Business

With cyber-attacks on the rise in all industries, security is more important than ever. In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, and Steve Orrin, Federal CTO at Intel Federal, outline the attack vectors, the six pillars of cybersecurity, and how Intel can help. The level of complexity organizations must deal with to secure their data, systems, and applications has never been more difficult.

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Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/embracingdigital/six-pillars-of-cyber-security

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Six Pillars of Cyber-security: Embracing Digital Transformation – Episode 36 | Intel Business

Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids’ education

The pandemic not only disrupted education—it also thrust technology onto a sector which historically has been slow to adopt it. Will classrooms ever be the same again?

00:00 How the pandemic has affected education.
03:08 Why the education sector has been slow to adopt technology.
05:02 Technology helps children have a personalised learning experience.
07:50 How technology can help teachers
09:08 Could remote learning be here to stay?

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Digital Transformation Guide | For COVID-19 Challenge 2020: Hitechies

Digital Transformation Guide | for COVID-19 Business Challenge 2020: Hitechies

The corona-virus outbreak has affected businesses and millions of people globally. Governments around the world are announcing lock-downs and undertaking measures to break the chain of the virus and limit its spread. Consequently, a majority chunk of the global population has been forced to stay away from their workplaces and self-quarantine themselves in their homes. Business leaders, political heads, and economists have painted a grim outlook across industries and countries.
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Interactions between customers and businesses have declined significantly with many scurrying to find digital alternatives. Communication and collaboration tools like Skype, GoToWebinar, and Zoom have replaced meetings and events. The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted organizations into re-calibrating their business models around technologies to operate in an unforeseen social distancing economy. Digital transformation holds the key to override this crisis by earning customer trust with mechanisms that ensure transparency, efficiency, and quality. To that effect, we have explored multiple technologies that have the potential to transform business operations in this brief Digital Transformation Guide.

COVID-19 | The Change Catalyst No One Saw Coming

The apocalyptic situation we find ourselves in can be viewed as a blessing in disguise. Digital transformation discussions that were once put on the back burner are back in focus to explore potential economic and efficiency gains. Glitzy industry events, client entertainment budgets, and attractive shop front displays are suddenly out of fashion. It warrants businesses to boost their customer outreach and shopper engagement efforts.

A Call for Digital Transformation Initiatives and a digital transformation strategy.

The sectors that COVID-19 has impacted the most on a global scale include technology, aviation, automotive, pharmaceuticals, banking, consumer electronics, travel and tourism, and many more. Businesses from these sectors have started realizing that they need to change their operations for good. The transformation they need to undertake is inside out starting from how their employees work leading on to how customers interact with their offerings.

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COVID-19 has forced almost every business domain to digitally transform its operations and processes. The current situation demands businesses, brands, and enterprises to adopt digital transformation with these emerging technologies and solutions. The opportunities that these technologies create are like goldmines waiting to be discovered as the world battles its way out of this unprecedented event in modern human history.

We hope our super-simple Digital Transformation Guide could help you to focus on the things that can still work during this pandemic of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Driving Digital Transformation Across Government

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and innovation across government. How can this acceleration be sustained in a post-COVID-19 world toward achieving better policy, equity, and connected decision-making across government?

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