Head of FIs GTS, Bank of America `s predictions and advice during crisis

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Head of FIs GTS, Bank of America's predictions and advice during crisis

Paul Taylor, Head of Financial Institutions GTS, Bank of America, tells Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV, how their network is working together to support each other and their clients during the current crisis. Financial Institutions seeking stability in their technology, risk management, business continuity and, credit and liquidity functions are advised to increase communication and go digital in thei…


Latina GRIT on Wall Street with Bank of America’s Patricia Pacheco De Baez

Bank of America’s Patricia Pacheco De Baez has grit. She learned it from her fierce Latina mother, who taught her to work hard and strive for excellence – something Patricia has carried with her throughout her career journey. Patricia started as a temp in the financial industry, always grateful for every opportunity she was given – whether big or small. All she needed was a “foot in the door.” Once there, she began to stand out and advocate for herself early in her career. At the age of 25, she did her research, gathered up the courage to ask for pay equity, and got it. It’s easy to see how she’s moved up the career ladder. Patricia currently holds the title of Managing Director for NYC Private Bank, Market Leader & Diverse Segment Champion at Bank of America.

Listen as Patricia walks us through her professional journey and how she learned not to give up on her dream. She’s a big proponent of mentors and sponsors and practices being open and honest with them, so they get the most out of their time together. Patricia is a risk taker and isn’t afraid to make big moves, and she shares with us why she thinks working hard and striving for excellence are the keys to success.

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[02:46] Patricia’s background and key lessons she’s learned[10:37] Patricia’s diverse career path[15:41] What Patricia looks for in a position[22:04] How to be direct about your ask[25:17] Advocating for yourself[32:33] Being honest with your mentors[40:12] Finding confidence to make bold moves[43:26] Patricia’s move into management[52:28] The importance of working hard[55:00] Striving for excellence[58:54] Lightning round questions


“Education is the instrument for us to break the cycle of poverty and accomplish our dreams.” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

“Every time I’m very comfortable in a role, I ask myself, ‘What else can I do?’” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

“If you don’t advocate for yourself, who will?” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

“Every one of us has something to bring to the table that differentiates us and makes us unique.” – Patricia Pacheco De Baez

Lightning Round Questions:

What book has greatly influenced you?

“Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise”. What is your favorite inspiring quote or saying?

“In the moment of turbulence and darkness, just remember… it’s not just about You.” What is one word or moniker you would use to describe yourself?

Grit What is one change you’ve implanted that made your life better?

Meditation What power song would you want playing as you walk out onto a stage?

“This Girl is on Fire” by Alicia Keys

About Patricia Pacheco De Baez:

Patricia Pacheco is a Market Leader & Diverse Segment Lead in NYC Private Bank.

In this role she drives business development strategies focusing on the wealth

management needs of high net worth families in the areas of investment management, estate planning, banking and credit.

Prior to this role, she was responsible for Latin America and European large corporate subsidiaries in Global Corporate Investment Bank. In this role, she drove

more than 316% growth in revenues since 2014 when she joined the firm. Some of her clients included Bimbo, Cemex, Diageo, EssilorLuxottica, Gerdau and Unilever. Pacheco was also a member of Bank of America’s Global Corporate Banking Subsidiaries Management Committee.

Prior to joining Bank of America, Pacheco worked at J.P. Morgan Treasury Services

for seven years where she was responsible for coverage of financial institutions

(FIs), public sector and non-bank FIs operating in Mexico City. Previously she led the strategy and execution of cash management product sales for Latin America and served as the relationship manager for Latin America FIs subsidiaries and branches in the United States. Before working at J.P. Morgan, Pacheco spent six years at American Express Bank as a relationship manager covering FIs in the United States and Canada.

Pacheco has been actively involved in leading many Hispanic and employee network initiatives throughout the course of her career. She currently serves as co- chair of Bank of America’s Hispanic Latino Executive Council and emeritus chair of the firm’s Hispanic Network Executive Advisory Board (HOLA NY). Pacheco also serves as a member of the YMCA USA National Board & ALPFA NY Senior

Leadership Council.

Pacheco has received numerous awards for her business experience and volunteerism including Bank of America’s “Outstanding Employee Network Leader

Award” (2015), as well as Bank of America’s “Global Diversity &…

GRT 2022 – Panel: Principles for Responsible Banking in action


– Amanda Lee, Executive Manager, ESG, Suncorp
– Yvonne Holmes, Chief Sustainability Officer, AIB
– Tanya Dos Santos-Ford, Global Head of Sustainability, Investec
– Moderator: Johanna Dichtl, Sustainability Expert & PRB Implementation Support Manager, UNEP FI

‘A Storm Is Brewing: Steve Forbes Warns That A ‘Big Financial Crisis’ Is Coming | What’s Ahead

Steve Forbes warns of the factors that are coming together to potentially cause a massive financial crisis.

Read the full story on Forbes:

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Banks to Seize Your Money in Coming Financial Crisis Warns David Morgan

The world is going to have another banking crisis but the next time around, the banks are going to take depositors’ money via a “bail-in.” This is the latest theory from respected market watcher, David Morgan of The Morgan Report.

Morgan tells our Daniela Cambone, “The bailout situation is over. It will be bail-ins next time, which means you become an unsecured creditor of the bank. This means that if you don’t hold it, you may not own it. If we were to have a bail-in, they may not take all of your currency, but they would probably take part of it.”

Morgan compares the situation to Argentina; “All the money in their banks was still yours, but you were limited to what you could take out.”

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HMRC puts 3 million Open Banking project out to tender


HMRC puts £3 million Open Banking project out to tender

The UK tax authority has put out a £3 million tender for the provision of an Open Banking-based Payment Initiation and Account Information Service.

The FTX Disaster is Deeper Than you Think

In this episode we take a deep dive into Sam Bankman-fried (SBF) and the FTX / Alameda situation.

Theranos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CccfnRpPtM

Enron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5qC1YGRMKI

Onecoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64xcgvEJ3Ys

Worldcom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_rfIboPyYs

Luna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KZY41SqaTI

Closing Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYOlFM3Dlz4

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Burn Water – Take Flight (Bon Iver Flip)

Giyo – Are the Animals Gone


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Cahb – Secrets

Deccies – Subtle

David Keno – Golden Ticket

In the Waiting – Johannes Bornlof

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Passage of Time

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What is Open Banking? | 11:FS Explores

Open Banking in the UK has generally been a success! Intended to spur competition and give consumers greater control over their banking information, the initiative relies on standardised APIs to help fintechs access customer data from CMA9 banks. Just recently Barclays has used Open Banking to allow customers to make payments from accounts with other banks, and it looks like more incumbents will follow suit in the future. Open Banking has also given fintech companies an edge, as they’ve been able to tailor propositions from scratch to take advantage of the initiative’s unique opportunities.

So what are the basics of Open Banking, and what role do AISPs, PISPs and the OBIE play in bringing new entrants to the market? 11:FS Head of Delivery Adam Davis explains the initiative’s overall goals and key players.

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Open Payments Program Overview Video

The Open Payments Overview video is a short video to show how the Open Payments program works, what’s in the data and how to use the search tool.
Open Payments is a national disclosure program that promotes a transparent and accountable health care system by making the financial relationships between health care industry and health care providers available to the public. The Open Payments data houses more than 78 million records accounting for $63.23 billion payment or transfers of value.

Boost Mobile & Digital Banking Engagement while Reducing Churn With Big Data

EC `s refusal to delay SCA `kicking retailers while they `re down `


EC's refusal to delay SCA 'kicking retailers while they're down'

The European Commission's refusal to further delay the introduction of Strong Customer Authentication rules for online transactions could cost merchants up to EUR90 billion in lost sales for 2021 alone, claims payments consultancy CMSPI.

C Programming – How to implement and use delays

A tutorial on implementing and using delays in C. When I needed to use this feature I had to to a little more digging than I expected to figure out how to use it in windows and unix. I figured I would fill the need for a tutorial.

The difference between latency and delay in Chinese programming is amazing!

The difference between latency and delay in Chinese programming is amazing!

How to delay your program C++ , Sleep vs sleep function

This video shows how you can use these two functions in pausing or delaying your program for a particular period as well as their differences.
It is important to know that these functions function differently in different IDEs e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio doesn’t allow the sleep(); function but allows the Sleep(); function.
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How to write Embedded c program to Generating delay using for loop

How to write Embedded c program to Generating delay using for loop

Ant launches blockchain-based cross-border trade platform


Ant launches blockchain-based cross-border trade platform

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group has unveiled Trusple, a blockchain-powered global trade and financial services platform.

The Week On-chain – Opportunity? Or a Trap? – Week 4 2023 (Bitcoin Onchain Analysis)

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The recent market rally pushed BTC prices above $23k, and surprised many investors. However, alongside higher prices, comes increased motivation for holders and miners to take exit liquidity, especially after a prolonged and painful bear.

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Analysis tools for navigating bear markets:
– Assessing the expansion out of key pricing models.
– Returning of the market to a degree of profitability.
– Short-Term Holders and Miners taking the opportunity.
– Long-Term Holders hanging onto the supply they have.

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0:00 Introduction
3:03 Price Action Overview
3:56 Delta and Investor Compression
5:55 Percent Supply in Profit Cycles
9:28 Realized Profit and Loss
10:48 Short-Term Holders in Profit
11:55 Spent Volume Age Bands
13:00 Realized Profit/Loss Overview
16:15 Long-Term Holder Behavior
18:58 Old and Young Supply Realized Price
21:31 Old Supply Net Position Change
22:56 Puell Multiple
24:00 Miner Balance Change
25:05 Summary and Conclusions

The Glassnode video report provides a weekly analysis update of the trends, performance, and onchain metrics for Bitcoin and the crypto market.

This report does not provide any investment advice. All data is provided for information purposes only. No investment decision shall be based on the information provided here and you are solely responsible for your own investment decisions.

Blockchain Technology Is Disrupting Online Financial Trading And Eliminating Fraud

http://spectretrading.com Broker-less trading markets for forex, commodities, stocks, cryptos and other assets being launched on the blockchain are emerging as a kinder, fairer and potentially more lucrative market for traders. Decentralized exchanges are not only eliminating broker fees but also solving the main challenge of online trading and cryptocurrency exchanges: a lack of liquidity. An alternative to trading exchanges, prediction markets are like manna from heaven, with at least one blockchain trading platform providing deep liquidity pools.

What all blockchain trading platforms have in common is the elimination of the broker. Traditionally, trading has been a zero sum game. When brokers match orders, they take the other side of the trade. If the trader wins, the broker loses, and vice versa. This model gives brokers an incentive to manipulate fees and trading outcomes, and delay payments. In the foreign exchange markets, 60–70 percent of retail traders lose money, and up to 80 percent abandon FX trading within a year.

Eliminating the middleman reduces all forms of financial fraud, a multi-billion dollar problem in a range of trading verticals every year. Both Blockchain exchanges and peer-to-peer prediction markets are designed to dis-intermediate the broker. Blockchain technology removes B-Book brokerages and replace them with immutable smart contracts. Blockchain technology is addressing a major need with prediction market platforms by preventing many forms of global financial fraud.

http://spectretrading.com SPECTRE, short for speculative tokenised trading exchange, is a dramatically different approach to the classic, fraud-ridden financial trading model where brokers regularly tamper with platforms, engaging in unethical behavior with financial traders and clients. Examples of this behavior include tampering with price feeds, slippage, freezing withdrawals and trading on the client’s behalf without permission. Instances of fraud are rife across the binary options, forex and online trading industry with regulators across the globe struggling to contain the problem.

SPECTRE, built ground up on the Ethereum blockchain, removes the financial broker out of the equation entirely and through the creation of novel, private escrow smart contracts along with a decentralized, autonomous liquidity pool, removes the need for deposits as well. This means that traders around the globe can engage with the financial markets, be it binary/digital options or trading FX and other asset classes, without human intervention. The Ethereum blockchain allow SPECTRE to disrupt the classic trading model and remove the broker out of the picture entirely. The conditional, decentralized and autonomous liquidity pool that is owned by the public (not SPECTRE) and rewards the public in the form of dividends, brings a new era of transparency into global financial trading. Traditional financial trading scenarios see traders trade directly against the broker’s balance sheet, creating a range of conflicts of interest and moral hazards. Financial fraud in trading is a multi-billion dollar problem each year. The Spectre platform solves this problem.

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ethereum blockchain,
crypto trading,
binary options trading,
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Ants Accelerate – Alibaba’s Blockchain Arm Goes into Overdrive

Ant Group, the blockchain and e-pay subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Alibaba, is accelerating its business operations with the launch of a new cross-border trade blockchain platform, stepping up its bid to go public – and has sealed a key deal with the busiest container port on the planet. Ant, which also operates the Alipay e-payment platform, has dubbed the platform Trusple, and will debut it on the Ant-developed Antchain blockchain network, the company said in their press release. The firm will allow exporting and importing firms to place trading orders on Trusple, which will then automatically create smart contracts, including logistics-related information – allowing banks to process payments on the network.”Trusple was designed to solve problems for SMEs and financial institutions involved in cross-border trading,” Guofei Jiang, President of Advanced Technology Business Group, Ant Group, was quoted as saying in the announcement. Global e-commerce sites, including Alibaba’s AliExpress, could make use of the platform, Reuters said. It added that a “blockbuster” initial public offering (IPO) is slated for next month, with “plans to list simultaneously in Hong Kong and on Shanghai’s tech-heavy STAR Market next month.” The Ant listing, the news agency added, could be the world’s IPO, “surpassing oil giant Saudi Aramco’s USD 29.4bn float” in December last year. Ant is aiming to generate USD 35m from its own IPO bid. But the Ant action does not stop there. Per Shanghai Securities News, the Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) also wants in. The group operates the Port of Shanghai, the busiest container port in the world for the past decade or so, per World Shipping Council figures. The new deal will see SIPG work with the Ant Group on a number of blockchain-powered logistics and shipping projects, including smart port construction drives, cross-chain interoperability solutions for firms and ports that operate on different blockchain networks and work on “solutions that provide the efficient flow of digital assets and enable multi-party collaboration with financial institutions.”Meanwhile, as reported earlier this month, Alibaba has published 10 times more patents than IBM this year alone.___Learn more: Ant Group Explains What its 100m per Day ‘Digital Assets’ Uploads Are

All data is taken from the source: http://cryptonews.com
Article Link: https://cryptonews.com/news/ants-accelerate-alibaba-s-blockchain-arm-goes-into-overdrive-7817.htm

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Blockchain & cross-border payments by Will Madden

William Madden is CEO and founder of Bridge21, a money-transfer company that uses Bitcoin in its strategy for giving customers a cheaper, faster, easier way to send fiat from one country to another. Currently dollars are sent from the U.S., processed as Bitcoin, and received as pesos in Mexico. Plans are underway to support many other currencies in the global $300-billion fiat-money-transfer market. Prior to founding Bridge21, Madden developed financial technology and or led teams at Western Union, First Data, and Paymap—including designing and building front and back-end systems of prepaid, point-of-sale, and other financial products; developing and managing operational processes; handling C-level negotiations; expanding capacities of call centers and back-offices; monitoring and improving operations efficiency; resolving and preventing high-risk and critical operational issues; preventing fraud; conforming to global regulations; and integrating U.S. point-of-sale infrastructures into major international networks, among other things. Madden has managed financial-enterprise projects with multimillion-dollar budgets for implementation all over the world.

SIX FinTech Ventures makes first investments


SIX FinTech Ventures makes first investments

SIX FinTech Ventures, the CHF 50 million corporate venture fund of Swiss financial infrastructure provider SIX, has invested in two early-stage startup graduates from the Zurich-based F10 incubator and accelerator.

Investing in FinTech with an Impact, With Eric Hazard of Vested Ventures

Karen Rands is joined by Eric Hazard of Vested Ventures to discuss what “financial literacy” really means and why “fintech” is uniquely qualified to help provide it — and how Compassionate Capitalists, angel investors, can make money while investing in companies that are solving social and economic inequality.  The lack of financial literacy has created a market ripe for predatory consumer lending abuse with payday lending schemes and the structure of private student loans.  You can trace the greed of certain financial institutions whom preyed on the financial naivete of people of color and first time home buyers with those crazy no money down balloon mortgages, leading to the real estate bubble and great recession 20 years ago. 

In this podcast / video cast you will learn: 
– The basic definition of FinTech and how it has evolved
– Why financial literacy begins with financial access
– How FinTech can strengthen relationships between businesses and their employees & customers, and be a force for good
– Why Vested Ventures is investing and accelerating in FinTech companies and how you can invest and succeed as well

Eric Hazard is a financial technology and communications veteran, and the CEO Vested Ventures. Eric holds a certificate in Fintech from MIT and is the host of the online video series Focus on Fintech. Vested Ventures invests in ultra lean FinTech entrepreneurs through a unique combination of money, network and communication exposure.
Learn More:  https://vested.ventures/

Karen Rands advises entrepreneurs and investors on how to create wealth through funded innovation.  Learn more about Kugarand Capital Holdings’ services and pick up Karen’s best selling book on angel investing at http://kugarand.com 

This is a video recording of the same episode found on the podcast The Compassionate Capitalist Show, which is available on the major platforms.
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Please help us spread the word about the power to change lives and create wealth as a Compassionate Capitalist.


Luge Capital with Ramin Wright (Investment Analyst) | E85

In this 85th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Ramin Wright, Investment Analyst at Luge Capital. Luge Capital is a Canadian venture capital fund that focuses on early-stage fintech companies and artificial intelligence solutions applied to financial services. Ramin talks about how Luge Capital began, their investment partners, how they go about vetting potential companies for investment, and what the relationship can evolve into after the investment has been made.

Episode Highlights:

● 00:26: – Ramin Wright defines Luge Capital.

● 00:51: – Ramin shares the history of how Luge Capital got started.

● 01:49: – How did Ramin get involved with Luge Capital?

● 02:38: – What does early-stage investment look like for Luge?

● 02:53: – What verticals does Luge Capital invest in and what do they look for?

● 04:35: – How do they go about vetting candidates for investment in the due-diligence stage?

● 05:26: – What does the relationship look like with their backers once the investment has been made?

● 06:00: – Who was their first client?

● 07:53: – What value does open banking have?

● 11:00: – Ramin discusses Luge Capital’s investment in Finaeo.

● 12:08: – What does it take for a start-up to make Luge Capital interested in investing?

● 14:29: – The world of payments needs innovation.

● 15:46: – Ramin talks about banking for kids.

● 17:25: – What does Luge Capital have to say about global identity?

● 20:38: – What are the challenges of having a portable credit score that travels with us?

● 22:23: – Why is frictionless real estate an area that is ripe for needing innovation?

● 24:07: – Ramin and Jason discuss blockchain technology.

● 26:16: – What would Ramin change in his business or in his industry?

● 27:47: – What has been the biggest challenge in his business?

● 30:21: – What is the most exciting thing Ramin Wright is working on?

3 Key Points

1. Luge Capital looks for a strong vision for a company with a strong team that includes entrepreneurs with a global focus, a big appetite for growth, and the ability to execute on large opportunities.
2. Luge Capital is interested in companies that are targeting remaining frictions within the financial services industry.
3. There are typically at least 10 people involved in a real estate transaction that need their own information to get the job done.

Tweetable Quotes:
● “Luge Capital is an early-stage fintech venture fund. We invest solely in the fintech vertical and across companies headquartered in Canada and the United States.” – Ramin Wright
● “For us, early-stage, we hang out typically around the seed and A rounds of a company. So our first check into a company will range around the order of a quarter-million to $2 million.” – Ramin Wright
● “Something that we work with that is unique about us is our backers are all large financial institutions and they all have a strong interest in working together with the companies that we invest in.” – Ramin Wright

Resources Mentioned:
● Facebook – Jason Pereira’s
● LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s
● FintechImpact.co – Website
● Linkedin – Ramin Wright
● luge.vc – Website
● luge.vc/ideas/ – Luge Capital’s 6 Ideas for Innovation

ADB Ventures First Investments Announcement

FII 6th Edition – Enabling a New Global Order – DAY1 Plenary (English)

From nutrition to education, investment and technology have reshaped society in ways unimaginable. Join us at #FII6 as we discuss the ways technological advancements could propel humanity into the #NewGlobalOrder. Join us on Day 1 on the Plenary livestream

HSBC to shut 114 more branches next year; offers free tablets to customers impacted


HSBC to shut 114 more branches next year; offers free tablets to customers impacted

HSBC is to shutter 114 bank branches in the UK next year, as footfall on the high street declines further in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

`Slo-Mo Credit Crunch’ Has Already Taken Hold, HSBC’s Major Says

Jul.05 — HSBC Global Head of Fixed Income Research Steven Major discusses factors causing an unfolding global credit squeeze. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”

China Will Have a Soft Start to the Year: HSBC’s Neumann

Frederic Neumann, chief Asia economist and co-head of global research at HSBC, discusses China’s reopening, Asia’s consumption recovery and his outlook for regional economies. He speaks on Bloomberg Television.
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Why some investors are banking on an HSBC breakup

Shares are continuing to edge up after HSBC’s largest shareholder suggested splitting up its global business.

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HSBC rejects Ping An break-up call

HSBC pushed back on a proposal by top shareholder Ping An Insurance of China to split the lender while posting profits that beat expectations and promising chunkier dividends.

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National Bank of Canada takes majority stake in data sharing startup Flinks


National Bank of Canada takes majority stake in data sharing startup Flinks

National Bank of Canada is paying C$103 million for a majority stake in Flinks, a Montreal-based data aggregation startup.

The 2019 Payments Canada SUMMIT – Democratizing credit with AI

Speakers: Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, Flinks
David Furlong, National Bank
Stephen Gardiner, Accenture Digital

Most people need loans to make life’s biggest purchases – house, education, car and so much more. But not everyone has equal access to lending. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex and/or religion is a huge concern. On the other hand, AI can also be perceived as a threat within the lending market. Will it compromise security? Will it be ethical? Will it be just as biased as humans can be? This conference offers a 360-degree view of the potential and challenges of democratizing credit with AI.

Flinks – Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf – 2017 Canada FinTech Forum

2017 Canada FinTech Forum Pitch Contest organized by Finance Montréal.

Tough months ahead before economy improves: Bank of Canada governor

In a wide-ranging interview, Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem tells CBC’s Peter Armstrong that Canadians should expect more interest rate hikes, and a mild recession is possible, as the central bank continues its fight against inflation.

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Bank of Canada might want to stop interest rate hikes after the upcoming one: Economist

Jimmy Jean, Desjardins chief economist, on the Bank of Canada’s upcoming rate hike announcement and how it will impact the economy.

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Ant cleared to set up credit scoring JV with state-backed partners


Ant cleared to set up credit scoring JV with state-backed partners

The People's Bank of China has given the greenlight to a new credit scoring company owned by a consortium including Ant Group and a collection of state-backed partners.

DP Webinars – Workshop on Investment Strategies for China

How does investing in China work?

On July 15th, we had the privilege of hosting a very interesting panel discussion on “Workshop on Investment Strategies for China”

Investment in China represents a truly unique opportunity, but it’s not without challenges. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience investing in China, we’ve put a spotlight on fundamental principles that may support a successful strategy.

We were honored of having Mr. Gianpaolo Bruno, ICE Beijing Office Director, and China and Mongolia ICE Office Coordinator. He provides valuable advice on how to approach China as a potential location for your business investment.

Special thanks also to our DP Group colleagues for their presentations and support in the organization of this successful event:

Mrs. Veronica Gianola – Senior Associate, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel
Mr. Shane Farrelly – Legal Advisor, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel
Mr. Riccardo Verzella – Legal Advisor, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel
Mr. Devin Li – Financial Manager, PHC Advisory Tax & Accounting
Ms. Gaia Rizzi – Marketing & Event Manager, Eastant Communication & Events

Get in touch with us for more info and stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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Battlefield Successes and Challenges – Recent Efforts to Win the War against ISIS

Learn more at http://Oversight.House.Gov

Part 3: Accelerate: Getting to Your North Star Faster

– IP licensing structures and considerations for using pre-existing IP and data in new ways
– The surge in adoption of open innovation initiatives, such as the Open COVID Pledge
– The role of cutting edge technologies in enabling accelerating pivots, and the ability to pivot back

What is Jack Ma’s Ant Group and how does it make money?

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Digital financial services giant Ant Group is set to pull off the world’s biggest initial public offering, or IPO. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba which owns the Post, controls Ant Group through ownership of over half of its shares. Ant operates China’s massive e-payment system Alipay, but its services also extend into lending, investment and insurance products. With 95.6 per cent of its revenue coming from within China mainland, the Hangzhou-headquartered company now hopes to expand internationally.

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6 ways Covid-19 is transforming Digital Finance


6 ways Covid-19 is transforming Digital Finance

Teunis Brosens, Lead Economist for Digital Finance and Regulation, ING, & Carlo Cocuzzo, Economist, Digital Finance, ING, speak to Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV about how Covid19 is accelerating Digital Finance. We see shifts in the relationship between the public and private sector in finance, changes to global interconnectedness, the need for increased cybersecurity cooperation, an acceleration of…

Six Pillars of Cyber-security: Embracing Digital Transformation – Episode 36 | Intel Business

With cyber-attacks on the rise in all industries, security is more important than ever. In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, and Steve Orrin, Federal CTO at Intel Federal, outline the attack vectors, the six pillars of cybersecurity, and how Intel can help. The level of complexity organizations must deal with to secure their data, systems, and applications has never been more difficult.

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Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/embracingdigital/six-pillars-of-cyber-security

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Six Pillars of Cyber-security: Embracing Digital Transformation – Episode 36 | Intel Business

Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids’ education

The pandemic not only disrupted education—it also thrust technology onto a sector which historically has been slow to adopt it. Will classrooms ever be the same again?

00:00 How the pandemic has affected education.
03:08 Why the education sector has been slow to adopt technology.
05:02 Technology helps children have a personalised learning experience.
07:50 How technology can help teachers
09:08 Could remote learning be here to stay?

Read more about the future of education: https://econ.st/3yBrxw7

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How has educational technology blossomed in India?: https://econ.st/2WFsYwj

How is the education system in China unfair to the poor?: https://econ.st/3zvLHJ7

Will going ‘back to school’ cause a spike in covid infections?: https://econ.st/3yKINiF

Digital Transformation Guide | For COVID-19 Challenge 2020: Hitechies

Digital Transformation Guide | for COVID-19 Business Challenge 2020: Hitechies

The corona-virus outbreak has affected businesses and millions of people globally. Governments around the world are announcing lock-downs and undertaking measures to break the chain of the virus and limit its spread. Consequently, a majority chunk of the global population has been forced to stay away from their workplaces and self-quarantine themselves in their homes. Business leaders, political heads, and economists have painted a grim outlook across industries and countries.
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Interactions between customers and businesses have declined significantly with many scurrying to find digital alternatives. Communication and collaboration tools like Skype, GoToWebinar, and Zoom have replaced meetings and events. The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted organizations into re-calibrating their business models around technologies to operate in an unforeseen social distancing economy. Digital transformation holds the key to override this crisis by earning customer trust with mechanisms that ensure transparency, efficiency, and quality. To that effect, we have explored multiple technologies that have the potential to transform business operations in this brief Digital Transformation Guide.

COVID-19 | The Change Catalyst No One Saw Coming

The apocalyptic situation we find ourselves in can be viewed as a blessing in disguise. Digital transformation discussions that were once put on the back burner are back in focus to explore potential economic and efficiency gains. Glitzy industry events, client entertainment budgets, and attractive shop front displays are suddenly out of fashion. It warrants businesses to boost their customer outreach and shopper engagement efforts.

A Call for Digital Transformation Initiatives and a digital transformation strategy.

The sectors that COVID-19 has impacted the most on a global scale include technology, aviation, automotive, pharmaceuticals, banking, consumer electronics, travel and tourism, and many more. Businesses from these sectors have started realizing that they need to change their operations for good. The transformation they need to undertake is inside out starting from how their employees work leading on to how customers interact with their offerings.

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COVID-19 has forced almost every business domain to digitally transform its operations and processes. The current situation demands businesses, brands, and enterprises to adopt digital transformation with these emerging technologies and solutions. The opportunities that these technologies create are like goldmines waiting to be discovered as the world battles its way out of this unprecedented event in modern human history.

We hope our super-simple Digital Transformation Guide could help you to focus on the things that can still work during this pandemic of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Driving Digital Transformation Across Government

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and innovation across government. How can this acceleration be sustained in a post-COVID-19 world toward achieving better policy, equity, and connected decision-making across government?

For more information, please visit: http://ow.ly/E4ao50EvkLN

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F10 and New Energy Nexus unite to nurture green fintech


F10 and New Energy Nexus unite to nurture green fintech

F10, fintech incubator and accelerator, will collaborate with New Energy Nexus to form the first global green and climate fintech program, bringing decarbonisation of financial services to the cutting edge of innovation.

D3 Mission Log 2 – Welcome to our Journey to build the world’s largest climate tech accelerator.

Episode 2 of the weekly YouTube video series with Bryan Guido Hassin of Third Derivative and Danny Kennedy of New Energy Nexus. They discuss the journey these two companies have chosen to take, to boldly go where no climatetech accelerator has gone before.

This weeks topics:
Lessons learned from the D3 Inaugural Summit
Recent million dollar wire transfers to new startups
Challenges balancing a high-performing / highly motivated team working incredibly hard vs risking burnout.

Startup of the Week: SunPath

Third Derivative Portfolio – https://third-derivative.org/portfolio/
New Energy Nexus Network Slack Community: https://join.slack.com/t/newenergynexusnetwork/shared_invite/zt-7cjoxxyf-QYn4y_ixtfMek3s~8WxQhA
Sunpath: http://sunpathtech.com/

You can also listen to the D3 Mission Log Podcast: https://www.newenergynexus.com/podcast/

Top 4 Challenges for Fintech 2022 | Finance Challenges of the Future!

Top 4 Challenges for Fintech 2022 | Finance Challenges of the Future!

As the world evolves and becomes more digital, so does the increase in innovation in all sectors but especially in the finance sector as this is literally where all the money is! And with many opportunities currently and only more to come it’s hard to see why Fintech will not boom! But today we will be looking at the biggest challenges for Fintech going into 2022, as the financial industry is experiencing the same difficulties that have been in the spotlight in recent years & that could completely prohibit growth!

What challenges do you think Fintech will face in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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NexGen Energy (NXE.T) – Three Minute Hits Video

Equity.Guru’s own uranium guru, Fabi Lara, talks about Nexgen Energy (NXE.T), a Canadian uranium explorer advancing its flagship Rook 1 uranium project located in the storied Athabasca Basin.


Equity Guru provides investment information for millennials and madmen. Expert analysis, no punches pulled and no investors left behind. Want to get involved in the public markets, but feel ill-equipped? Already in the markets, but looking for honest source of insight? We can provide the resources that keep you informed, help you build the necessary tools or assist in honing your existing skillset so you can make your investment goals achievable today. Small cap, mid cap, large cap, we cover them all.

No the matter the exchange be it, TSX-V, CSE, OTC, NYSE and/or NASDAQ, we have our finger on the pulse. Whether you are a day trader or value investor, we have your back.

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F10 Global | What is Climate FinTech?

Learn more about Climate FinTech, why it’s important and the impact it can create in achieving the objective to decarbonize the global economy.
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Climate FinTech, also called Green FinTech or Sustainable FinTech, is the convergence of three sectors: Climate, Finance and Technology. Climate FinTech solutions are digital innovations, applications, and platforms that help institutions and individuals save, spend, and invest in a way that puts the planet first.

Are you a Startup? Discover more about us: https://www.f10.global/

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