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Being a Pigeon

November 2007

My friend Matt had an idea for putting the best bits of our conversations into the mouths of pigeons. I would draw the pigeons and he would do the rest and in the end we would have a web-comic experiment on our hands. So I set about our drawing comic pigeons. The first thing I tried was drawing on my new graphics tablet. I discovered there is such a thing as a pink pigeon, which sounds delightful. Unfortunately when I drew it, the pigeon looked weary and sickly. It is funny how drawings can take on a direction of their own sometimes. Then I thought I would try drawing with my new style of heavy cross hatching. The result was not quite comical enough. Matt and I agreed that although it was pretty we could not imagine it talking. It was a personality free pigeon and that is no good to us.

comic pink pigeon on graphics tablet comic regular pigeon on graphics tablet pencil drawing of comic pigeon pencil drawing of comic pigeon in flight

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