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Tea on a Bench

June 2007

The tea on a bench project has affected my personality and brought about some new developments in my drawing style. First the personality stuff. I think repeated meeting of people has relieved me of some of my shyness. I feel less concerned about what new people will think of me and more eager to find out what they are like. This probably sounds absurd to anyone who has rarely struggled socially, but to me this project has made interacting more than doable, it has made it enjoyable.

Now the drawing style stuff. When I first started this project, I had no idea what I should draw to mark the meeting, so I went for the obvious thing, I drew the place we had met and I drew in my 'usual' style. Now I draw on the back of business cards and use cross-hatched pencil lines to give weight and here are a variety of different things I have found from our meetings.

Sometimes I animate a story I have been told whilst having tea on a bench. Like this one from Dave, which is a story, he tells me, he picked up when he was in South East Asia.

A selection of atmospheric descriptions of the place where we had tea on a bench. These are quite pretty.

tea on a bench tea on a bench tea on a bench
Tea on a Bench with Becky. Tea on a Bench with Christine. Tea on a Bench with Christine.
tea on a bench tea on a bench
Tea on a Bench with Helen.

And finally I have some drawings that try to explain a brief history of the place I was sharing tea. This was the case with tea with Tom Oinn near the Wren Library.

tea on a bench tea on a bench

I like the idea of adding in words and some narrative to explain what happens on tea on a bench. My aim is also to be able to explain the concept, using a comic strip, to someone who is not clear on the idea behind tea on a bench.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.