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Comic History Part 7

February 2007

This is the next part in my history of comics notes. These notes cover chapter seven of Roger Sabin's 'Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels: A History of Comic Art'.

Following from the superheros of the post comic code era, the simplistic morality became more complicated. This increased complexity was possible because the comics audience was older. This group of boys from 12 to 25 year are labeled by Sabin as 'comic fans'. The comics were designed to be collected and traded and fans invented mail order services and then shops to do this in. The development of the more complex character and collection into a body of work rather than loosely related strips, lead to graphic novels. This packaging lead to more popular appeal with the novels being sold in high street bookshops and kept by libraries. Two different routes were taken by the big comics publishers, that is Marvel took a traditional superhero comic route, whilst DC Comics experiemented with the graphic novel market.

comic fan characteristics comic fan over time comic-fan-behaviour comic-fan-in-early-1960 comic-fan-behaviour a-comic-fan-ages-range comic-fan-community communities-of-comic-fans comic-shops independent-publishers-relation-with-comic-shops comic-shop independent-comic-percent-sales independendent-comic-publishers independent-comic-shops-compared-us-uk independent-publishers indpendent-comics x-men-comic x-men-artists-and-script x-men-spin-off-comics dc-competition-for-x-men-comic teenage-mutant-spin-off-comics daredevel-comic swamp-thing comic swamp-thing-topics-covered independent-publishers-of-comics graphic-novels-for-adults batman-the-dark-night-returns-comic watchmen-comic watchmen-dark-night-why-popular comics-put-into-graphic-novels-trend graphic-novels-sold-in-high-street marvel-dc-comics-different-strategy sales-of-graphic-novels dc-comics-formed-vertigo hellblazer-grpahic-novel sandman-graphic-novel hellblazer-sandman-compared other-dc-comic-graphic-novels sales-of-graphic-novels batman-spin-off-comics batman-death-of-robin publishers-of-graphic-novels dc-comics-line-for-black-teens dc-comics-revised-heros other-independent-comics-publishers-dark-hourse marvel-killed-superman

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