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Comic History Part 5

November 2006

The illustrated notes here cover chapter five of Roger Sabin's 'Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels: A History of Comic Art'. Chapter five covers the history the underground comix movement.

This is the glorious, dirty, drug fueled, unapologetic, politically charged rebellion against the comic code. The comics were for adults and so the comic code did not apply. And the comics were so out-there that publishers were not impressed, so they were self published and occasionally sold out of prams. The movement went further than simply mentioning those things unmentionable by comic code standards, the unmentionables were delighted in and discussed to the exclusion of anything else. There was lots of material produced at this time in America, and few standards for the quality of it. Some of the outstanding artists are discussed here including the emergence of Art Spiegelman's work.

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