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The 29 Project

June 2006

I have been planning to do a project where I post picture to the internet every day for a certain number of days. I have seen examples of this regular drawing exercise and they look good.

I am 29 years old on the 29th June, so I thought I would draw a picture a day from the 1st to the 29th. That is a picture for each year I have been alive. I will be drawing on square note paper.

Portrait of the kid version of me in a caravan A pot with a rabbit on it that my grandma gave me
A pot with a comic rabbit and thought bubble Blob comic where blob flies a kite and is carried away by it
Blob comic where a blob kills a bird with a kite Some cow parsley with roots that drip water into tea-cups
A drawing for christmas light display comic A lady with water dripping from a rose root into her mouth
A drawing from a photography of a girl in the pub Blob comic where two blobs are carried away by their kites
A raddish comic My Grandma and my brother having supper (from an old photograph)
A cup with a comic sheep drawn on it Val and Victor dance erotically
My Dad when he was a boy with comic horses on his jumper A rabbit comic: tail becomes detached
A Robin in a comic Blob comic watching TV, scared by the older blob and thinking the older blob is an idiot
My brother and his girlfriend's puppies Stan and Cooper Blob porn comic
A picture of me when I learnt to walk A rabbit comic: tail detaches, becomes a speech bubble
Rita and Andrew after a night out Blob comic showing the inner workings of a blob
A wasp and some drawings of comic flowers in circles Blob comic with two blobs hit each other and come apart
A little church surrounded by apricot-coloured blossom Blob comic where one blob suffocates another
Blob comic which grows into plant then a delicious man

You can see higher quality images on my 29 project flickr set.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.