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Spring Garden

March 2006

I had Tea On A Bench with Alistair under a sky with snow floating in it. The light that day was bleak and tinged with pink. We sat on Jesus Green in a place which Alistair regularly photographs from his bedroom window. We made some Earl Grey tea out of my shockingly bright red flask and sipped and watched the activities on the busy green. There was a remote-controlled boat that was turning on the spot, making a spiral wake in the Cam. I threw a (biodegradable) tea bag over my shoulder in a comic gesture and Alistair pointed out that, embarrassingly, I was sitting next to a bin. It took me sometime to narrow down which details of this event I was going to record. I tried lots of different ideas with paint and in the end I went for something a school child might do in a text book. I copied one of Alistair's photos of the trees beneath where we sat and I made-up a picture of an aerial view of us. I rubbed out specs of the drawings to indicate increasing snow. You can see the finished strip of drawings here.

The Christmas lights cartoon book is now available in full in PDF form here. I think the next book I make will be based on Tea On A Bench. Not that I am sure what Tea On A Bench will look like or if it will help with my ultimate aim of making a bridge, that I like, between art and the maths ideas I am learning about. Hopefully Tea On A Bench will show me thinking about the possibilities of sequenced images.

For another Tea On A Bench related outing I went to the botanical gardens. The winter garden had a nice collection of snowdrops. I started imagining the snowdrops melting and dripping into a puddle around the stems, then drew this cartoon.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.