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Tea On A Bench

February 2006

Tea on the bench

I would really like to do another project that is all about documenting a series of experiences. Last month I did the '3 new places' thing and it was fun. This time I plan to invite friends to have tea out of a flask in the open air. I hope it might turn out to be a little like a chat show. I would like to document the meetings in some way. One way I could record them is by making something I remember from the get-together. This would lead to a sequence of mementos I can play around with.

I finally got back some photos of the Christmas lights display 2005. I put them up on my space in Flickr. Next year I think I will take a picture of the front of each house. Even if it is mostly darkness it will still have its own unique arrangement of lights. It might be nice to take the pictures of each house and make them into a paper blog for a keepsake. This approach is instead of what I usually do, which is to find the most light-saturated perspective and snap away until the batteries run out -- which is usually 10 seconds after I start.

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