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3 Easy Adventures

January 2006

Sometimes when life gets routine I like to go on a crazy adventure. An adventure sounds like something energy-consuming, but defining it as 'going somewhere I have never been before' allows for some easy options. All the new places I have been this month are on the way to places I routinely visit.

Where I normally turn left into the supermarket I took a right to Milton Country Park with ponds and mud and weather-beaten reeds and swans.

An early right turn before my office took me to a museum I have seen a sign for but was concerned about how to get into. The museum is in an intimidating university building. Once I was brave enough to step into the courtyard, there was a big door with a sign saying "Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology". Inside were more objects than it was possible for me to fully appreciate in my lunch hour. So the pictures I drew of Mexican and Eskimo charms and a Javanese Fan.

My latest adventure was on the road lined with the garages I have taken my car to. Normally I am nervous when I drive there because of what the garage people might say I need. But instead of watching air being sucked in through teeth as I am told the car news, I found a place to walk up hills and through forests. Ths trip led me to make these clay models of things I remember from the walk. I like that the sights you see on a walk may linger in your memory and you can try to recreate them later. The gnarled tree and the alley of trees do stick in my mind, but, to be honest, I just made up the bird with a hole.

Veering off my well-trodden paths is a bit like when I see some art and it makes everything new again for me.

With it being January it seems an appropriate point to do a mini roundup of happenings here over the past year. In 2005 I remarkably did manage to get some focus in the form of playing with sequenced pictures. I need to research the sequenced picture this year. I am currently looking at Hogarth and familiarising myself with the work of Chris Ware. I am trying to get more maths into my art, but that fusion is tricky to do well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.