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Selling A Picture Book

December 2005

It was a dark November night. People gathered in a small cul-de-sac filled with anticipation. The surrounding houses were draped in lights about to be brought to life with the flick of synchronised switches. I had my comic books all ready for selling, in a box with some flashing lights around it. I was nervous that no one would want them. I had 50 comics all carefully folded and lovingly long neck stapled. I appended myself to another stall selling light sticks and fairy cakes. Much to my relief I managed to attract some of the people buying cakes and before I knew it the books were selling pretty fast to the kids. Friends and family helped to relieve me of a few copies too. In the end I sold 40 copies. That will probably keep the country air ambulance in the air for a millisecond. After the crowd had their fill of lights and cakes and comic books I retired to the comfort of home and drank lots of vodka.

selling my comic books

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