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Christmas is Coming

November 2005

I usually do a bit of something to contribute to the Christmas lights display my parents put on and this year I decided to make a comic book to sell. I hope to raise some money to support the County Air Ambulance from it. Here is a picture I intend to include in the finished cartoon book:

For elvis cartoon

This is my first picture completely made up that has turned out how I imagined it. So I consider it a bit of a break-through.

I have been looking at Zoe Mendelson's big sprawling drawings because of the way her pictures seem to be almost a comic strip but all over the page or wall. She scatters her objects: women, flowers, birds, fairground attractions around whatever surface she is working on and often connects them with tendrils or petals or she houses them in elaborately drawn rooms. I am given the freedom to follow the trail of objects in her pictures from where I like and in which ever direction I like and therefore take these moments in whatever order I like. When I follow this trail I get a little something unexpected and a little something extreme and a little something gentle.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.