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Time to Pause

October 2005

October was a busy month with Maths exams and working and so forth. That is why it is being written retrospectively. So what happened was that I started work on a comic book for sale at my mum and dad's Christmas lights display. All the money goes to charity. Here is the front cover and a cyclic cartoon.

a circle cartoon front cover of comic book

The first cartoon I did for the book was a sort of collage of robins. I thought about doing this because I saw a perfect robin and I just got an erg to make one out of clay or something. I mentioned this to my uncle and he reminded me about robins being very territorial and somehow all this mixed in my mind and I thought about Robins detaching and reforming and pecking each other and getting more and more crowded and it all seemed kind of fun.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Pears growing and falling comic. Robins multiplying comic.