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September 2005

When I try to draw from my imagination or memory the pictures usually come out looking much more naive than usual. I think that this is appropriate. I mean, I am not going to be all confident about something I can only faintly visualise and is tied up more with the feeling than any photographic-style representation. I have a picture I have made up from my imagination here and there are more here.

A Horsechestnut twig made up pictures

I wanted to try this because of how much I enjoyed the thread of a story going on in some Erika Nordqvist pictures i have seen recently. My eyes keep darting between the different objects she places together and I make up associations between them. She leaves lots of room for the viewer to play with associations, defining just enough.

I went for a picnic at Wimpole Hall with my Auntie and Uncle and then checked out the ornate drawings in the house. It got me thinking about these quaint little pictures with pink floors and ladies in lacy dresses. It got me drawing a set of pictures of our day out at Wimpole Hall in this style.

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