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Two places at once

July 2005

I am still here but I am also, now have a flickr account. So, I plan to post to Flickr my projects (cartoon, portrait, object/group and others) and keep this site for gallery reviews and a monthly summary of what's been going on.

What has been going on in the last month is that I changed from being 27 to 28 years old. This brought with it gifts: I got a copy of 'La Perdida Part One' written and drawn by Jessica Abel. I like the character exploration going on in La Perdida, that the central character, Carla, is shaping her identity with influences from Frida Kahlo. My only quibble is that the drawing lacks some consistency which often distracted me from the character development. I drew a diagram of the book here.

A diagram of La Perdida Part One.

I also got some bright new clothes and bed linen and sun glasses and a new pillow to rest my head. I said I would document my birthday and I would love to present you with an elegant gesture of what it means to change age, like the six pink helium balloons I referenced last month, but of course I can't. I can, however, describe what happened. The weekend before my birthday I went to stay with my mum and dad. On the Saturday morning I went shopping with my grandma and mum to Tutbury. I love Tutbury because of the eccentric fancy dress shop with Victorian brides dresses and 60's plastic dresses. If there was a female equivalent to Mr Benn, she would go there. I documented this shopping trip, but I have still to write it up -- it will be on Goblin later this month. Saturday night I went out with my mum and dad to a farewell party for one of my dad's trucker work mates and then on for a Chinese meal and then on to my grandma and grandad's flat for some drinks. On the day of my birthday I went on a charity database course in the morning and in the afternoon I went to The Tate Modern. I wandered around the Tate Modern looking for something that would take me out of myself with no effort on my part. I walked past one after the other greats until I walked into a dazzling room containing 'Scrapheap Services' by Michael Landy. This did the trick it made me smile and seemed very well fitting with the day.

I caught Fred Sandback at The Kettle's Yard. I was puzzled at how to interpret the coloured string dividing up gallery space. I wondered if there was some code to be worked out or a system to it and it occurred to me that a line can mean so many things and I didn't know what Sandback was meaning with his lines. So I went to a talk and it seems that before Sandback the majority of sculpture had been a solid mass, often on a platform. The viewer was to walk around the mass and to reflect upon its presence. Sandback wanted to do something different, he allowed his viewers to be surrounded by string enclosed space and for them to reflect on their relation to the space. The string Sandback used was non-precious, household and inexpensive, sometimes fuzzy and sometimes smooth. But how do you sell such a sculpture? It seems that Sandback sold the instructions for how to construct the sculptures. Sometimes the instructions were for absolute measures of string and sometimes the instruction was concerned with dimensions but the scale was insignificant.

Here is a sample of some arithmetic trick drawings I have been working on that I expect to be posting to Flickr at some point.

Arithmetic Trick

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.