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Elasticity Upward

April 2005

I stayed in the Austrian Alps on a work trip this month. First this involved flying, which was funny with all those toy-like planes miles below our plane and the pleats and mounds of cloud looked made-up. When I landed in Munich Airport it was like landing in Toy-Land, with brightly coloured trucks and buses and men in overalls and hard-hats and planes all lined up with face-like windows.

So aside from the flying there was the being in the Austrian Alps which were snow streaked and pine stubbed. I could not stop looking at them. I was on my balcony doing some Alp drawing between work meetings. Here are some of the pictures from Austria.

Austria landscape

More portraits including one of Louis slouching because we had just walked up a mountain and were tired. This drawing is from a picture I took in 2000. I do not see Louis at all any more, even though we lived in each others pockets for years. When we split up we each wrote a letter to the other describing nice times we shared, so this drawing is just an extension of that. The other portraits are of people who work in a garage.

April Faces.

In other news I have been enjoying some comics and graphic novels, including Jessica Abel and Matt Madden.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.