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How can I not love you when you have a Snoopy belt?

March 2005

Because nothing says I love you like a trip to a nuclear power plant, on 13th February, for Valentines day, we went to Sizewell B. Well, Dunwich Heath really but we walked right up to Sizewell B. It was so cold I cried as my peripheries defrosted in the car. The reason I was so cold was completely my own fault -- I thought it would be fun to pluck pebbles from a sea so cold it was purple with white foam making cow patterns in the waves. But when I regained use of my limbs I got those watercolour pencils out and drew that damn power station, romantically cloaked in a pink sunset.

Dunwich Heath Nuclear Power Plant

Dunwich Heath nuclear power plant. Watercolour pencil on white paper.

Project 'draw lots of faces' is on-going. I think I am reaching the point at which I do not want to simplify further with those ladies in hats. Anything simpler than that I think I start to lose more than I am willing to.

a match-box sized book of drawings of faces.

A selection of portraits.

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