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Irregular Expression

January 2005

Of course I am going to be reflective at this interface between years. 2004, on this site, has been about trying different techniques. 2005, I hope, will be about continuing with the experimentation whilst forming some themes and some focus. I anticipate that 2005 will be very busy for me, with maths courses and work, so lots of the more time consuming art projects I have planned, such as to embroider portraits and decorate cakes, will take place later in the year. I think 2005 will be good. I have very little to lose at the moment with my art and life in general, so I can afford to do new things fearlessly.

So what have I got this month? It has been a mummy month with two portraits of my mum: the most comic woman I know. I am not sure if it is because I have been working for an orphan charity for the last three months or if it is my age or if it is the thoughtful presents she has brought me but I just can\'t believe I have such a funny, complex mum.

Mum with Mad Hair Mum when she was young Mum when she was young

I drew two portraits, one looks better from a distance with its chunky lines and one has delicate lines which looks better close. Which do I like best? The more powerful one, I feel, is the chunky, bunched line one. The story behind this picture is that I saw some marks and knots in some wood that looked like a face. At this point I may have fashioned the wood into something three dimensional but I have heard that such fashioning is nothing but trouble. So I drew it how it looked to me.

Two Different Portraits

Next month I will be drawing with oil paint because for Christmas I got the most gorgeous set of paints and brushes for which I am enormously grateful.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.