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Musical Pictures

July 2004

Last Christmas I received the gift of wax. Paraffin wax, that is, supplied in a conveniently pelleted form for easy melting. What to do with this perfect gift? I made wax models of some prickly little bramble leaves and stems. The process is quite simple; dip the selected leaves and stems into the liquid wax, when semi solidified, peel the wax away and photograph. Like the dimension work I did last month, the translucent wax models are displayed on the bramble itself for multiple viewpointary.

A collection of photographs of wax bramble leaves and stems.

Finally, whilst studying this purple plant one sunny afternoon, I found myself more interested in the glorious shadow it cast than the details of its structure. So I traced the shadows too. I like the contrast in the types of information in both approaches. Juvenile, I know.

A collection of continuous line drawings depicting a purple

On the portrait front I have a couple that are ready for viewing. Unfortunately I do not have a scanner at the moment so I will have to wait until next month to display these approximations to my face on-line. In the mean time I have prepared a photograph montage of my favourite person, my grandma, doing her thing, playing her piano. The photographs are of the actions involved in playing one song; I only have eyes for you.

A collection of photographs of my Grandma playing her piano.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.