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No Edge

May 2004

Comparing the The Lands' End photograph montage with my quick impression of the waves at Dunwich Heath, it is obvious that wave action is best caught and then composed instead of attempting to do both simultaneously. To be fair though, Dunwich Heath was a lot calmer, but I am sure I missed lots of the interesting information in this scene by sticking with this format.

Dunwich Heath coastline drawn with watercolour paint

A piece of Dunwich Heath coast line drawn whilst on a day trip to Suffolk. Watercolour paint and wax crayon on brown, parcel wrapping paper.

Photograph montage of cliffs at Lands' End

A photograph montage of some rugged cliffs at Lands' End. I attempt to capture some of the phases between wave action and calm sea with different angles and levels of detail.

I like the multiple viewpoints approach even for scenes as static as my humble back garden. Whilst incorporating some drawing into the back garden montage, it occurred to me that there are lots of ways in which I can combine this photographic technique and my drawing. For one, there is drawing simple, multiple views with continuous line and piecing them together to give a more complex picture.

Photograph montage of my yard

A photograph montage of my yard in the sunlight including this dandelion head in seed I was drawing.

Dandelion in felt tip pen

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.