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Lisa Evans

Keep in touch through twitter, linked in or email me at lisa at objectgroup dot org.

I've worked on a range of projects. Here are a few I particularly like:


I've written over 130 pieces for the Guardian on newsworthy data sets. Journalisted has a nice chart of this writing over time.

I often write about financial data and I work with Open Spending to create a set of publicly available, easily comparable, government accounts.

I was lead researcher on Where Does My Money Go? and wrote detailed reports on the data used in this display of public spending.


I wrote C for a billing software company for a couple of years. For many years after that my scripting language of choice was perl. I wrote perl script to simplify the creation of a couple of websites for the SOS Children charity (a great charity that was my employer for 6 years). The sites are:

Two Talk - a photograph conversation website that I created and updated every day for a year and is now updated less frequently by SOS staff.

Doodle Boat - another website I created that displayed a new drawing from a child in the care of SOS Children, every day for a year.


I have written many Perl scripts to extract and organise data for my work at the Guardian. Here are some examples:

I'm now using python and javascript and really enjoying both. I'm on Github and Scraperwiki.


I've successfully completed the undergraduate open university maths courses:

I have used these courses to complete my Diploma in Mathematics.


The Serious Change Radio Documentary is a radio program I made over 7 months as I followed a group of people trying to save the economy and environment. I worked with 105 Radio for a year, interviewing scientists on the subject of climate change.



I drew the pictures for this comic book. You can see all the pictures on this little website I put together.

Here's a website I made about comics. It has reviews of books analysing comics. It has detailed illustrated notes on the history of comics. It has a project where I met new people and then illustrated those meetings in different ways. My latest photos and drawings are on flickr.

Point of interest

Before all of this technology and writing I was a physiotherapist.


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